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Monday, 28 July 2008

Fashion advice!

OK I have done something I promised myself I would never do!

I have brought myself some proper blindy fit over cover all sunglasses.

Now in the picture on the website they did not look too bad there are in plum which is supposedly a purple colour, and they had a kind of fade down kind of effect so there where dark at the top and slightly lighter at the bottom. now in reality they are a VERY VERY dark grey with a hint of puple, not quite the shade I was expecting but that aside I need to know can I get away with wearing them in public or do they look seriously bad on me!

This is a serious question so please be brutally honest this is me asking for YOUR fashion advice!

So here's the picture


Claire Cheskin said...

Hi Jemma
I must admit a few years ago I bought myself some amber ones but couldn't wear them any more because of the cackling at work. I took the side bits off but they did help. I like your blog very much

Francesca said...

Dear Gemma
I found your blog quite by accident. I am a 66 year old woman, so you may disregard my advice! I admire you and your blog. There's no reason why you shouldn't wear sunglasses! (Think of the harmful uv!)
But I would like to see how a snappier pair would look? To me these look rather large and heavy for this face?

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