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Sunday, 21 October 2007


why oh why are Sundays so boring!

I really don't get it, actually I do here's why I think Sundays suck:

  1. The transport system is rubbish on a Sunday, therefore I cant go anywhere that is further than walking distance.
  2. Tomorrow is Monday, Mondays would suck more than Sundays but anything is an improvement on a Sunday.
  3. Sunday is a day for family, or homework.
  4. There is nothing decent on the television.
  5. Most, if not all websites are not updated on a Sunday.

So overall you probably have got the idea that I really hate Sundays they are to boring for words and I am currently bored!

Thursday, 18 October 2007



I got DAISY!

My DAISY player arrived today and its amazing... the only slight hitch is that it arrived so quickly that I dont have anything to play in it, other than the instruction manual.

It is really easy to use and genrally great! wooooo

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

a mixture of happernings

well firstly i need heaps of sympathy and love because i have a really nasty cold and sore throat which is horrid!

on a happier note my dad has just ordered me a DAISY talking book player! i couldn't actually believe it when he did i have wanted one for so long its not gonna arrive for ages but its exciting stuff!

i had a GP appointment today and it confirmed that i have sprained my shoulder and since my Doctor moved it around it hurts so much more!

also decided to keep me on the same AD's and not change them at all i haven't got to go back for 2 months which is a bit amazing.

collage has been a bit rubbish of late but with any luck it will get better, I'm going on two trips next week.

oh and I'm continuing to write for ouch and my podcast mug arrived yesterday.

oooo and i have decided on a degree course i plan to do a combined honors in human rights (major) and journalism (minor)

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