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Thursday, 18 October 2007



I got DAISY!

My DAISY player arrived today and its amazing... the only slight hitch is that it arrived so quickly that I dont have anything to play in it, other than the instruction manual.

It is really easy to use and genrally great! wooooo

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Jenny said...

ooo i've heard of these.

i went to see "an audience with Peter Sallis" - Cleggy from last of the summer wine.

he has Macular degneration (or however you spell it!) and can hardly see anymore, not that you know i when he's acting but when he was answering question he was often looking in the wrong direction.

i asked him how he learnt scripts these days and he said he had a lovely young lady called "daisy!" who read them too him..... he hen went on to explain about the machine. lol

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