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Sunday, 21 October 2007


why oh why are Sundays so boring!

I really don't get it, actually I do here's why I think Sundays suck:

  1. The transport system is rubbish on a Sunday, therefore I cant go anywhere that is further than walking distance.
  2. Tomorrow is Monday, Mondays would suck more than Sundays but anything is an improvement on a Sunday.
  3. Sunday is a day for family, or homework.
  4. There is nothing decent on the television.
  5. Most, if not all websites are not updated on a Sunday.

So overall you probably have got the idea that I really hate Sundays they are to boring for words and I am currently bored!


Pete said...

Mondays are worse! ; )

Jenny said...

nope i agree with sundays!

i never know what to do with myself, as we don't have family near by who visit, in fact we don't have much family! and i'm too old for homework.

i do have a car but then theres usually nothing open or worth going to see anyway!

i'm no religious and don't have a strong faith (in fact i don't have any faith - in anything at all not just god!)

Sundays certainly suck in my books

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