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Monday, 17 December 2007


I have finally got my contacts!

I got them last Tuesday and after a few initial teething problems had been getting on great.

I wore them for two and a half hours last night, was doing really well.

Went to put them in earlier and the left one is gone!

I must have dropped it last night, well I took them out when I was sat on my bed, in pajamas, and I was sure they both went in the pot so I have no idea where my left contact lens is!

This sucks even more because I'm meeting up with my old acting class tomorrow, I wanted to surprise them, now I'm not.

*goes off and has a tantrum*


MJL said...

Hi Jemma,

How about considering daily disposable contacts - no cleaning no storage plenty in reserve for each day and at they are as cheap as those you have to clean every time you use them.

Jemma Brown said...

cant my eye's are to speshalist!

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