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Wednesday, 20 February 2008


I'm now officially pissed off!

My mobile phone is dyeing slowly so I have decided to go on contract-its actually going to save me money!

I have chosen my new phone and it is going to arrive tomorrow...I read all the reviews and thought carefully, i couldn't find anything in the reviews about font size, I assumed it would be OK.

Its a Nokia N73 and a really good phone and I don't have to pay for it BUT unlike most of the other Nokia phones it is not possible to change the font size!( I have just found out!)


I'm really annoyed, now I have to ether use a magnifying glass, or spend £150 on software so I can see the dam thing, or cancel the contract..... but its a really good deal so I don't want to do that!

OK so under the DDA do I sue Nokia or Three

(joke I'm not the suing kind)

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