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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry christmas one and all!

I just really wanted to wish all the readers of DOAM a vary merry festive season, no matter what it is your celebrating or if your not!


So anyway its Christmas eve tomorrow and I shall be spending vast amounts of time rapping everyone's presents, as I generally haven’t yet. 


I'm like a very immature big kid at Christmas I love it, and as usual I am very excited I love the whole thing with presents and can honestly say I like watching other people opening their presents probably more than my own and seeing how pleased they are with what I brought time. (Hopefully) 


Of course the sheer excitement of not knowing what is wrapped in the shiny paper is all to much for me, I love shiny things because they are really easy to see and catch the eye so all the wrapping paper gets me very excited as soon as I see a present I want to open it! 


I have to also confess that I have brought myself a little Christmas present in the form of a very shiny and very lime green trimmed cricket bat. Its a very nice but not to expensive Kookaburra bat with lime green livery and grip, so hopefully when it is on the sidelines I will be able to find it easily, also it was available with a long handle and choice of weights so that is also good, it will probably be waiting for me back at halls. The only slight downside is that I will be missing the next training session because I will be in Paris so I don’t get to give it a spin for 2 months!

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