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Monday, 19 January 2009

Paris- Day 1

Well I am back from Paris and I am alive -those will probably be the most interesting part of this post but I wanted to divide the trip up into individual days, so for the really interesting bits check in for day 2 when I write it!

Day 1 was the day of travel basically we spent most of it on the coach and then went off to the louvre to try and find food and see the art.

We where on the coach for hours and the euro tunnel train for ages which was boring  I was listening to an excellent book and then shock of shocks my headphones broke! I wold seriously recommend Dawn French's book of memoirs named Dear Fatty!

We left the hotel in the dark and travelled on the Metro which is the French equivalent tot the underground

We didn't have to long in the louvre as we got there about 1 hour before closing and they start to empty the place  30 minutes before that.

I just had enough time to do the recording I did for my radio piece, and then go in search of food.

The only food I managed to find was a Star bucks and that had sold out of everything pretty much, so it was an apple muffin for dinner.

I did my radio piece and unfortunately I don't think it worked to well as my headphones broke, and at some point I must have knocked the input level dial so a lot of it has distorted. I have not listened to it in full yet but it does not sound good!

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