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Saturday, 15 September 2007

the joys of food

well i have just discovered something that i quite possibly just forgot about. in my child years i was addicted to the stuff and now it has been rediscovered for my own tastiness.

yes people I'm talking about Nutella sorry to be slightly boring and blog about a chocolate spread but its seriously good. its full of hazelnuty goodness and chocolate addiction and contains a vast amount of milk.

yes today I'm loving nutella, i have already had Nutella on toast and I'm seriously considering hot banana and Nutella.....

you can even check out there website and look at the history of Nutella here


Casdok said...

Hot banan and Nutella mmmmmmm
Sounds dreamy!!

seahorse said...

Nutella on digestive biscuits was one of my many and varied inventive food combos to get eating again after being v ill. Really delicious. As was shortbread dipped in strawberry fromage frais. Tend to avoid both these days as I no longer need the calories. Celery is, um, nice :)

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