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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

contact catastrophe

well i have had a contact catastrophe, i had my first contact appointment today, it was all ballsed up before i evan got in there, i was nearly an hour erly wich was incredibly boreing, then when i eventully got in i discoverd the docter that reffered me hadnt said why or what it was for or anything. basically they didnt no why i had randomly turned up and thought i was an exsisting patent.

Then it was bad news after all the assessments and everything i was told that contacts probably wont work for me, yes my eyes are to fuck'd.

I'm really dissapointed, everyone has told me how good they found contacts and how it makes your vision seem much better. everything i have heard has been positive, there was never evan the slightest bit of me that thought it mighnt not work out like the farytale suggested.

The decision has been made to order me in some contacts and let me try them and see how it goes, it ether works or it dosent.

I've been warned that it probably wont, my right cornea has a very steep gradient, that means its to curvy, as a result form the surgery and stuff I've had in the past. my left eye is the complete opposite, its cornea is almost flat. then there's the issue of my astigmatism, my eyes wobble without my control its deterated as ive got older so that means i will proably still need glasess for reading, or evan possibly full time to correct that.

then there's the issue of my pupils, there not normal my right one is really high up within my eye itself, and is really small that means that the contact lens probably wont do much in that eye, because the most powerful bit of the contact is in the center, and my pupil is offset.

then my left eye has the same problem but my pupil is bigger and shaped like a keyhole upside down, so bits of that will be in the optimum contact area and bits wont.

so that's why overall it dose not sound like this is going to work out but I'm giving it a try anyway

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