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Monday, 5 November 2007

Wow it's been a long time!

Sorry dear readers I havn't blogged in a while, I have had a truly manic few weeks, infact last week I was at college all day and out every evening.

This entry is basically going to be a boring update on whats been happerning in my life.

I tuned 19 last wensday(31st of October), I offically feel rather old, its like I have made that transition from child to adult its quite strange, i feel like I should be responcible, reliable and mature, not really sure weather im any of those things but never mind.

Other than that everything else that has happened has been rather negative, I've just found out my godmother has terminal cancer, thats really bad.

I had a really rubbish week at college last week, to be honest I have been in a low patch for the last 3 ish weeks, but I think I'm finally on my way out of it, but I havnt felt like I could blog, have had some serious insomnia going on!

Anyway lets not depress everyone now, I'm currently working on a project writing a piece called "love bites" hopefully it will go well, not sure yet.

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