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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A mixed bag

It has indeed been a mixed bag of a day, this morning I was absolutely exhausted and really could not function without serious amounts of coffee.

Then when moving my CCTV in its trolley I have some how magically managed to damage one of the muscles in my ribs, owwie. Sometimes I swear my muscles are made of paper.

Then I got a phone call form guide dogs, they have found a possible match between me and a dog, she is called Jenny. I will be going for assessment next Thursday to see if we will be a good partnership, I'm trying not to get to excited in case we are not but I am very!

Then I had my fist January exam it was very scary and lots of the questions were evil but hopefully everyone will complain and the exam board will mark accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gemma! found your blog recently while researching some stuff about guide dogs on the net. Delighted to hear you might have a dog soon. I know its hard not to get excited until you know its definite (i got my first dog last august and couldn't wait to meet him for the first time)
Wel i'd be interested to know how things go and how you found the training, as i'm keeping a blog about my guide dog experiences so far. (
Good luck and i ope it works out!

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