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Monday, 14 January 2008


Well this is really just a general update of what’s been going on, some good, some very good and some bad. The reason behind it is that generally I have not really said much about what’s going on in my life at the moment so here is your Jemma update starting from just before Christmas.

Well my GP increased my dose of AD's it really didn't work out at all and just made things horrifically worse, so I am on new ones. So far they seem to be working out OK , I have only been on them about 10 days ish, the only downside being that they are a complete no-no with alcohol so I'm back to being a compleate non drinker. The worsted thing about that is that I still have half a bottle of lime tequila left that I got for Christmas, still it’s really nice in fajitas so I will live.

I found out a few weeks ago that I have an interview for a uni, not my first choice uni but its still an interview, I’m currently just trying to work out how I’m going to get there but it should all be ok.

I have my first January exam tomorrow, I’m rather nervous, I don’t like exams but I no that deep down inside I know what its on. so I should do ok, my teacher says she’s expecting an A, but understands how nervous I get!

Then I have another exam next Wednesday, that one will be awful I’m really not looking forward to it, its biology and I no that I am doing ridiculously badly and am bottom of my class, I failed the mock (got a U) so I have no hope in hell of passing first time round pretty much!

Now to finish on a really positive note I’m now in a relationship with my gorgeous hunk Dave, and it’s great. We have known each other for years, the first time we met we hit off really well, (and he hit a guy in the balls with a bean bag, it was an accident!) but for some unknown reason did not swap numbers, then we didn't see each other for years practically then we met up again through
Goalball, and things went from there, we have been going out since new year and its great!

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lilwatchergirl said...

Huge congrats on your interview and your relationship!

Best of luck with the new ADs (I know how tricky it can be, adjusting to those) and with your exams.

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