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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I attract strange people

If I'm honest i cant remember if i have blogged about this before so apologies if this is a little dull but i was reminded this morning of my ability to attract the strangest of people.

For example i was in a restaurant with a friend and we were both really distracted by this woman on the table next to us with the strangest voice ever. i was trying to explain something to my friend and was completely put off my train of thought and was suddenly just concentrating on not laughing. We where sat there trying to have more conversations and it just wasn't happening then i suddenly realised what the woman sounded like and just whispered in my mates ear "Orville the duck" we both cracked up.

Then there was the very strange man on the train platform who came up to me and said 'can i ask you a question'? i said yer thinking it would be something like do you no this blind guy who lives in .... but no the question was "are you bind in your dreams"? that was a strange one i was just willing the doors of the train to open so i could escape!

Mind you i was once asked if i can see less with my glasses on!

Then on another meal with my friend we were just leaving the restaurant when the waiter jumped out on us and started saying we hadn't payed, we had. but we had to stand there and tell him repeatedly that we had given the right amount in front of the whole restaurant who were now staring at us.

Then there was the pharmacist who when i went to get my antidepressants said to me "they can make things worse you no poppet but if you feel suicidal don't do, it go to a&e sweetheart" i know its her job to say that but i suppose you had to be there to understand the way she said it was very strange!

that's all the strange people i can think of for now but I'm sure there will be more in the future, one quick note before i leave. regular readers will no i do a little bit of blogging for Ouch its a tiny bit on hold at the moment because the ouch blog isn't feeling very well.

diary of a monkey would like to to wish the ouch blog the speediest of recoveries and hope it is back to its normal wittiness soon!

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