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Friday, 31 August 2007

I'm so annoyed!!!!!!

I am completely furious at myself!!

I cant believe my stupidity.

I have completely forgotten something that was really important to me something i was looking forward to, had even written down and i still forgot it!

such a complete idiot!!!!

I managed to completely forget about the existence of the liberty festival and now i cant afford to go.


for those of you that don't no liberty is tomorrow in Trafalgar square in London, its the largest disability rights festival in the UK and is compleatly free to get in to, but i cant afford to get there! and i really wanted to go and now i cant.

If you hadent allredy gatherd im slightly angry!


Anonymous said...

You didn't do anything particularly sinful did you? Something to make God mad at you?

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous, therefore cool. IRL i'm wearing a mask and hood..Cause i'm anonymous. I'm all hidden and what not. Unknown! Unseen! Well except by the guy who is usnig the computer as well in the Ict room. BUT OTHERWISE UNSEEN! UNKNOWN! UNEXPECTED!

Anonymous said...

oh dear. thats not good o_o well, have fun at home. alone o_o. unless you're with someone. that might make you both alone. hm. meh. have fun :D

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