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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Contacts two

Well today was my second contact appointment, gosh there strange!

I will only be able to have contacts for distance vision, I will then need reading glasses.

Overall it didn't go to badly, it still might not work out, the latest concern is that after only half an hour of having them in I was getting dry eye, but as the opthermolegist said "suck it and see" there is no way of knowing until it happens.

Today was a little frustrating if truth be told, I was expecting today to be stick lenses in eyes try 'erm for a bit and then learn how to take them in and out and clean them and stuff. Today was only stick 'erm in and see what happens day, kinda feels like we didn't really get anywhere.

So now I have to wait for another appointment before I can actually start getting used to lenses some of the time, its all so slow!


L^2 said...

Good luck with your new contacts! I hope it all works out for you.

My new contacts only help with distance vision too, so I have to wear reading glasses to see anything up close. At first it was really weird and a huge hassle, but after having had them for almost two months now, I'm fairly adjusted to it all. And the whole process of getting them took a lot longer than I expected too.

Hang in there!

Lady Bee said...

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