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Friday, 16 November 2007

One for my fans!

I shall be appearing on BBC radio 4 tomorrow at 5:30pm!

I will be on a show called iPM, discussing why I am not the greatest fan of mobility scooters and that there are calls within parliament to introduce a mobility scooter driving test.

It is possible to listen to the show anytime after it is aired at 5:30pm tomorrow, so I expect you all to listen and tell me how fab I am.

click here for there website.

Its very exciting especially as I am actually going to Roehampton university's open day tomorrow and the BBC are paying to get me a cab from Roehampton to there studio and back again.

I'm massively excited, especially as I am going in to journalism!


David said...

Having had many fun cab rides at the Beeb's expense (usually at 5am) all I can so is its the way to go!

c8bondUK said...

just listened to your argument with the scooters, very good points, you owned the other person several times lol, great listen, showing off your journalism lol

Jemma Brown said...


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