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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Well hello there

Wow hi all i have to say i'm being rather tech-savvy here i'm writing this laying in bed on my mobile phone!
(the joys of predictive text)
so that nuget of vital information aside whats been happening i here you yell. Well in all honesty not alot! ,
currently i have massive amounts of work to do all of witch is rather dull.

right now i'm thinking i need to buy a wireless keyboard for my phone as typing this out ou a standard numerical keypad is making my hand hurt! Also right now i'm a little pissed off i'm currently in one of those moods were i just don't feel like sleeping its late and i should be asleep but i don't want to. Migu try some EFT, more about that later but for now i shall say good night and sweet dreams.

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hey! how are ya?
I'm a puppy raiser for a guide/service dog school in KAnsas, KSDS, and I was wondering if I can link you to my blog?
i love hearing about what other dog teams are up to in their day to day life with their partner.

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