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Wednesday, 26 March 2008


The title says it all really here I have to make a big apology for one of my entry's that has caused offence and upset. (THIS entry)

When I started diary of a monkey it was never my intention to upset, harass or offend anyone, and I am upset myself that it would appear that I have. Until it was brought to my attention today I didn't realise that comments I had made here were offensive and upsetting.

I have myself made the mistake of generalising and misunderstanding the situation mentioned.

Depression makes me see the negatives in situations, in many instances it causes the good things to be completely consumed by all the bad things that happen, thus leaving me with a negative view of the situation, this is what happened regarding that entry. This is in no way an excuse I should have thought more about the comments I made, but it defiantly clouded my view point.

All that is left for me to say is that I am truly sorry and have learnt from my mistake and will endeavour not to let anything like this ever happen again.

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JackP said...

Life is all about different perceptions however. Even if something isn't meant in a particular way, people need to consider how it can be taken.

That applies to everyone: but particularly those in the media (and I include blogging in this, because you publish stuff) and also those in positions of authority.

It's also possible to have contrary opinions to other people that you know are going to stir up an argument but not realise how personal some people are going to make it (visit my site and search for the somewhat controversial Madeleine McCann post, if you want to see how unpleasant people get!)

Don't let any of that put you off. Just be prepared to do what you are doing: and if you've been wrong, publicly admit it.

Top marks to you for that.

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