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Sunday, 16 March 2008

What is it with pubs?

Now you may remember a particularly blog entry I published last year called hats and pubs in which I discussed the issues faced by your everyday photophobic when trying to go out!

Well I hate to say it but the pubs have annoyed me yet again for there lack of thought regarding policy.

After playing Goalball on a Saturday me, Dave and the coach go for a drink and usually food, we go to the same pub pretty much every week because it has really comfy sofas, and is cheap!

I however am starting to get slightly irritated by the pub for several key reasons. At roughly 7pm every Saturday night they dim all the lights down, turning some of them off in the process, this is bad. one week I was mid meal and the light that I had cunningly sat under expecting the usual dimming was turned off. I quite like to see what I'm eating given that I have that ability, I no I'm lucky but I want to use it to its full potential.

There bouncers also arrive about this time on a Saturday evening we have had several unfortunate run ins. The first time we all went to the pub I was upstairs after visiting the ladies and I was lost trying to find my way back downstairs with loud music and flashing lights, not to mention other people all around when a guy walked straight in to me , somehow straddling my moving long cane in the process, I nearly broke the guys neck, it was his fault but still, I worry about the possible law suites.I noticed the florescent yellow arm band and that he was a bouncer. he was really nice about the whole thing and showed me how to get down stairs.

The other problem with the bouncers is there chosen standing location when attempting to exit the pub (sometimes a little worse for were) they have an unfortunate habit of standing right in front of the door, for obvious reasons I grant you. The only problem is that the pub has a flight of stairs to go down before you get to the door and then two more steps once your out. for some reason which is beyond me the bouncers chose to stand leaning up against the hand rail. Now for someone with my bio-mechanic oddness has enough trouble trying to navigate going down stairs at the best of times but in the dark and with no handrail doesn't bare thinking about. alas I have to try and get the bouncers attention so I can get them to move, failing that a gentle prod with the cane does the trick.

Nevertheless pubs still hold a special place in my heart!

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