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Friday, 10 August 2007

Crazy week

I've been so busy its been a crazy week I have barley stopped.

I had a interesting visit to the GP which went a lot better than the last one (thank god) only bad thing is that my GP is leaving, so hes trying to 'sort me out' before he goes.

I've also been walking a retired guide dog called ulan(I have no idea how you spell his name) he is a lot bigger than Ian and is really sweet every time I go to pick him up he gets all excited and starts to cry, he is really sweet.

On Tuesday I recorded my part for the ouch! podcast, you can fine more about that here.

Also I went to see a local production of high school musical in which one of my friends stared, and she was amazing and it was really good to see her on stage doing what she loves and doing it brilliantly!

Today I have been making a move with my mates , its been written, edited, filmed and directed by my mate Dan and its going really well.

Then tomorrow I'm off to London which is going to be really fun I'm really looking forward to seeing a load of my mates and going to the namco station.

I also got a letter threw the post today and I don't have to wait ages for contact lens appointment, its right at the beginning of September which is good.

Fun stuff, hopefully next week Will be less busy!


c8bondUK said...

i always wanted to go to the namco station, sounds like loads of fun, lucky you lol, have fun, love you xxx

jabber63 said...

thanks was really fun cya tomor

L^2 said...

Have fun in London!

And when you get back, I have tagged you for a meme (if you want to play, of course). You can check out my blog (this post) to find out about the game. :-)

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