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Thursday, 2 August 2007

A very quick post

Unfortunately I don't really have time to give a full up date on the happenings here, I will soon but right now I'm far to tired, and as I said don't have the time.

I haven't been on the computer much recently because I have had really bad eye strain., which was my own stupid fault but never the less really frustrating.

My guide dog assessment went well and I'm on the list, I'm excited.

I'm far to tiered to properly blog about all this now so i will later!


Annabel said...

Jem, How great that they've accepted you for a dog! Also, that the BBC want your blog on their site! Wow girl, you have an exciting life ahead of you"!

Jan de boss said...

I'm so pleased your final assessment was successful. Let's hope the wait is a short one. Which ever lucky dog is chosen for you Jemma it will be so loved. Can't wait to see what it makes of our guide unit! He-he!!!!

jabber63 said...

Thanks for the commets, i will probs have a long wait but its still kool!

Anonymous said...

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