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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Results Day

Well today is results day, I got my results and went for a Chinese meal! and my parents are taking me out for dinner this evening as well so I will be very full.

My results are better than expected, I didn't fail anything, I can't believe it after all the CRAP I've had to deal with this year at college, lots of which wasn't my fault. I even passed history I got an E . Even more shockingly I also got a D in PE considering I got a U in the mocks that was really good.

The only one I'm a bit disappointed with was Biology which was my As I got an E but that was only because I failed one of the units, I got good grades in the other two but the failed unit dragged my grade down.

But its not the end of the world and I will retake it next year.

I also got a merit in acting which I'm really pleased with cause that was so hard so I'm pleased.

Overall I'm happy!

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