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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Hats and pubs

I've just been shopping this is indeed one of my favorite pastimes I could bore you in the delights of my many purchases but I fear I may lose any readers I actually have if I where to go in to detail!

My mother and I decided to go to a pub for lunch with the smoking ban now in England it's great , you are no longer confined in a room full of people lighting up forced to do damage to your lungs due to passive smoking, my asthmatic mother loves it, and as an avid non-smoker so do I.

I don't drink , well let me rephrase that statement I'm not supposed to drink on my medication. I still enjoy sitting in the company of others and watching them get drunk or just socialising.

pubs often do nice food as did the one we went to today had a really nice chicken and bacon melt thing with BBQ sauce and cheese in a roll , it was really nice the chips where crispy and everything was perfect.

In fact my entire day would have been perfect if it had not been for one incident, and it is such a common one that happens practically every time I go on an evening out or out for lunch.

I was asked "can you take your hat of please?", this is something I have a real problem with.

I understand it's a measure to try and prevent crime, like wearing a hat is going to have some chemical effect on your brain which combined with possible alcohol consumption will result in a transformation like that of the hulk, from ordinary bloke to giant green destruction machine.

I just think its rude to ask another person to remove an item of clothing (in a public setting) and for me specifically its awful , having to say no i cant remove my hat I'm visually impaired I need to keep it on. OK I do admit that I sometimes keep my hat on not due to my V.I status but due to the fact I feel awkward without it, self conscious , naked and venerable, I'm emotionally attached to my hat collection. There's also the great ability to hide behind it, not in a criminal sense but in a self conscious sense, I'm fully aware that my eyes don't look "normal" my pupils are different, I have scaring and I don't have to much control over there movement so I guess i would rather hide behind the hat than have people think I'm giving them funny looks.

I mean do the owners of pubs even think of people with disabilities, it's not just little visually impaired me this could affect there's people with scaring, cancer patents and people with body dimorphic disorder, to name just three groups that might want to wear a hat.

I don't like it, it happens everywhere I go. I don't like it!

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