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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Hospital visit

Well today was an immensely exciting event in my calender, my eye check up time, lovely stuff. so the day started with being driven to the hospital waiting around for hours then seeing the Doctor which was the most interesting bit.

Shockingly he was actually quite a nice guy, he said I was brave you no, anyway that's a bit off topic, he was looking at my eye test results for both distance and visual field, and informed me that they where below average for my age, well duuuur course they are, hello I'm partially sighted, its not a new thing I've been like this since forever!

Then the next interesting thing happened, before he had even checked my eye pressure he started saying that it was time to try new eye drops because they obviously weren't as effective.... then tested my pressures and to both his surprise and actually mine the where normal, which trust me is shocking, they haven't been normal in a loooooooong time.

Overall despite the doctor's slight insanity the visit went well, did find out that the prescription for my glasses needs changing, and I can try contact lenses but I have to wait 3 months for that.

fun fun fun

As if anyone could forget its my final assessment for a guide dog tomorrow, wish me luck everyone!


L^2 said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me, I have to go to the eye doctor on Thursday. It sounds like your visit was not so bad though. It doesn't usually go so well for me.

And, of course, good luck with your assessment tomorrow!!! We'll be thinking of you.

jabber63 said...

Thanks, yer eye hospitals arnt fun, im also allways amazed by the strange ability eye docters have of pokeing you in the eye!

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