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Saturday, 14 July 2007


well today I'm madly trying to distract myself from thinking.... this is ether delaying the inevitable or 'helping me battle the storm', but I have to try.... I can't listen to the things I'm thinking.

I've been away for a few days hence the gap in activity in terms of the blog. I went to Slough, in Berkshire (England) its where I'm from originally and it was good to get back to my roots, see old places, I bumped into a few people I used to no.

There was quite a bit of shopping and I spent far too much money.... this is bad because its my Dads birthday on Tuesday and what have I got him? Nothing! And I'm skint now , I have £2.95 in my Bank account and about £5 in lose change so I think its gunna be a cheap box of chocolate.

last night I came home and watched telly and chilled out, then when everyone else went to bed I drank neat Pimms, and quite a lot of it,(I'm not supposed to drink on the anti-depressants) got the most drunk I've ever been and then went to bed.

I guess it's true alcohol is a depressant!

Today I have been out twice to try and escape the thoughts and I have been doing different distractions all nite.

This was one so please forgive the typos!

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