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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

well im here

wow wasn't expecting it to be that easy to set up a blog and well I'm here basically!

so why am I here wasting your time, money (you pay for the broadband don't you?) and energy (mouse clicking takes energy you no). well I have been inspired to blog, well properly blog by the ouch blogger's if they can do it so can I . Here I am for you properly blogging. I say properly blogging because I have blogged before, I am not a blog virgin! I have a blog on my, my space and I have a rather neglected one on my windows live space, jemmieville which was my very first blog, aww the memories of being a blog virgin.

so why the name? I hear you yell at your computer, well I didn't have a clue what to call my blog so i decided upon that, I like monkeys, I'm a bit nuts and this is sort of a diary so it kinda worked! it was nearly " diary of a dog " but I thought monkey was more exotic and exciting, bit like me really!


Lady Bracknell said...


I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

I've bigged your blog up on Ouch.

So now you'll get visitors.

Which may equate to launching you into the thick of the blogosphere rather sooner than you had intended.

But the guys at Ouch are just so over the moon that the project has inspired you to set up your own blog, that they insisted that I post about it.

seahorse said...

Hi Jemma. Nice one Lady Bracknell. It's good to find a new blog out there.

jabber63 said...


thanks for the comments and bigging me up on ouch!

and hello there seahorse!

Dave Hingsburger said...

Hey, welcome back to the blogosphere. I've enjoyed reading your posts. I agree with seahorse another blog to pop in on and visit. I love the disability blog neighbourhood.

jabber63 said...

thanks for the welcome dave im glad to be here... altho im going on holiday tomro!

but ill be back!

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