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Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Well me and my... What to call him.... It's a very new relationship...erm boyfriend, went on a date last week. We went for lunch and then back to mine(briefly) and then to the beach and a really nice little cafe which my friend owns/ manages to get ice cream, then on to the local park.

Whilst surveying the various offerings of iced delight, I had to consider not just the taste but the likely hood of me spilling it everywhere and the possible embarrassment this would cause, so i decided to be safe and go for a Ribina ice(other brands are available). "It's in cardboard I can't possibly spill that can I?"- I thought away merrily to myself.

Well to my boyfriends amusement I got purple blackcurrant everywhere all over my white top, and very sticky hands. A couple of people sitting opposite saw me spill it and laughed at me. I went to the toilet to try and clean up a bit, that was hugely unscessful. I had to walk home with blackcurrant stains all over my white top!

The worst thing about this was it wasn't even because of my disability so I couldn't use that as an excuse, my boyfriend (for want of a better expression) is also visually impaired and he didn't spill any. I'm sure the ability to spill ice cream cant be linked to my mental health issues, or my issues (yes i ahve lots of issues) with balance...but ...yes I've cracked it an excuse for looking like a small child and a fool.

Are you ready?...Sure?

The nature of my visual impairment leaves me unable to judge distances thus my co-ordination is impaired!

yes a justified reason for making a mess! I love it!

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