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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Rose and Jem's big Adventure

I'm going on an adventure!!!!

Me and a friend are going camping for a few days to the isle of Purbeck, its not til mid august but I'm excited! It's the first time ether of us have gone camping independently on our own, we are both experienced campers though me being a guide leader, Rose previously a guide and we have both done duke of Edinburgh. This however is like the test if we survive we'll do it again on a more regular bases, and we will no we both have the necessary skills to further are adventures.

Its going to be really fun, we have found a lovely campsite called Tom's filed (they have a blog, I've linked to it in my blog list!) its beautiful surrounded by Fields and within hiking distance of the Swanage steam railway, corfe castle , old harry rock and the notorious dancing ledge, all of which we plan to visit!

As an experienced camper I already had loads of the gear we needed, but yesterday I went out and brought the rest! I managed to get a bargain to, 3 gas canisters for the price of 2, and the gas burner itself is tiny it only weighs 195g which is good considering we are doing the trip backpack style, so everything has to fit in our 2 bags!

I also got some very scary matches, there called cyclone...which is I guess a clue they might be slightly scary. They are wind and water proof and come in a florescent orange watertight container, perfect I thought a) we wont lose them and b) they will even light in the rain. well when I got home from the shopping trip I got out the gas and the burner and the matches to check everything worked OK, which it did. When it came to lighting the match it was terrifying, I lit it and ....well I don't no what to compare it to it was like a sparkler the flame went racing down the match sparking, I tried to blow it out and couldn't, there wind proof , it was seriously near my fingers within a second so I threw it, as far away from the gas canisters as I could as I realised it it went out thank god! I guess I'll no for next time, I wasn't expecting it to be quite so ferocious.

Basically we are both really excited even though its 3 weeks away we are looking forward to it a lot!

We are both hoping we don't have to use are first aid skills, but with me going the likely hood is high. I'm hoping I don't have to peel my hand off barbed wire again!

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