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Monday, 23 July 2007


I was going to blog about something,... it was something that bugged me.... something important, but for the life of me I cant remember what the hell it was!

Welcome to the really annoying part of my brain which has a non existent memory span, it drives me bonkers its amazing I actually manage to get anything done with a memory like mine.

Well I guess I can just give you a Jemma up date, because I'm very unlikey to remember what I wanted to blog about!

A few interesting things have happened.

  • Me and a friend have decided to go away camping in august together, no parents, just us my tent and a map.

  • My EMA bonus has finally been agreed and payed!

  • I still haven't got my large print copy of harry potter, this is what happens when your god mother orders it as a present for you! (OK its not her fault she just had a stroke) I love her really!!!!! <3

I think that's about it really, oh I just need to say one more thing quickly aimed at one specific person, Rose if your reading this just because you don't have a blog does not mean you cant post a comment!


Kerrio said...

Hey Jemma!

It took us a while - but we finally responded to your tag!

Well... sort of ;-)

Kerrio & co

jabber63 said...

Thanks doggy friends!!!!!


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